Instructions for Saturday:

Everyone: Finish cutting, tagging, and underlining the book or article you are working on. If you have any questions, you can ask Maggie or any other teaching staff member in Novack. Please send me your work at the end of library time.

You also have specific assignments for writing blocks below. When appropriate, you should try to include
1. Extension of 1NC evidence (James will give you the shell)
2. Analytical arguments
3. Cards from the file posted at the top of this page
4. New cards that you cut

James: Write a short shell that generically talks about international relations so it can work against most affirmatives. Do this before you finish underlining your cards. Send it to everyone in the group so they can use it to write blocks. If you have time after underlining and tagging your cards, you can also work on a longer shell.

Rufus: Write a shell that is specific to the Japan (Okinawa) affirmative and a block that answers the argument that they help women. If you have time, write blocks to other arguments that the Japan affirmative is likely to make.

Laura: Write a generic 2AC block. It would also be good to include modular answers to specific negative arguments.

Ethan: Write a block to answer the argument that pragmatism is good (an answer to Rorty's argument)

Priyanka: Write a shell about human rights and a block to answer the argument that human rights are good for women

Ana: Write a block to answer the permutation.

Parisa: Write a block to answer the argument that realism is a more accurate theory of international relations

Cory: Write a block that answer's Butler's argument that male/female is socially constructed and we should reject the categories. Also, fix the OCR problems from the Jarvis book (read all your cards and make sure they are real words that match what the book says).

Margaret: Write a block to answer the argument that the kritik universalizes/essentializes the experiences of white women and excludes others (like black or 3rd world women)

Emily: Write blocks to answer kritik-related theory arguments