Afghanistan - COIN

- Heg bad or pullout collapses heg (focus on this advantage)
- CMR DA (if reading with heg bad, read irregular war impact)
- PMC shift DA
- Taliban takover DA (case turn) - COIN good, prevents Taliban takeover
- Drones CP - bans drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan - argues solves the case and avoids pullout NB
- Security K

Afghanistan - Drones

- T Presence
- T Reduce
- Redeployment DA
- Court Stripping DA
- Fem IR K
- Combat Zones PIC
- Pakistan CP ( ban drones in Pakistan instead)

Afghanistan - Stop the Surge

-India CP
- Taliban Takeover DA
- Clinton Politics DA
- T Decrease- aff isn't a reduction
- T Presence- presence isn't combat operations

Japan- BMD

- T - presence not weapons systems (lots of systems - limits)
- T - future reductions bad
- T - Aegis is not Japan
- Space Based Phase Booster CP - stop the SBPB program (advantage CP)
- Block 1A missile PIC - keep current system, stop the new one (NB = current BMD system good)
- Security K
- Heg DA - missile defense
- Alliance DA - interoperability is key to the alliance
- Japanese politics
- Threaten CP (not written)

Japan- Okinawa Policy

- PIC - remove marines only (NB - total pullout hurts heg via airpower)
- Conditions CP - Free Trade Agreement
- Advantage CP - relations (don't know what this will do yet)
- Alliance DA (impact turn)
- Rearm DA
- Kan DA
- Security K
- Reverse Island Hop DA (probably 3rd wave)
- Consult Japan (maybe - not written yet)
- Alliance Adv Counterplan

Offshore Balancing (KL)

- China heg is not good, it is bad, silly debaters
- Guam DA
- North Korea DA
- Japan/Guam PIC - don't pull out of SK

Japan- Futenma Policy

- See Okinawa policy aff
- Plus T - substantial

South Korea- Withdrawal (MO)

- Bandow is a cheater cheater pumpkin eater
- Taiwan CP (stop military and arms sales)
- South Korea rearm DA
- SK politics
- Presence solves instability
- Sanctions CP

South Korea - Military Exercises (SS)

-Taiwan CP
-Security K/Fem IR K
-Advantage Frontlines
-Gates DA
- Sanctions CP

Counter Narcotics (MO)

- T - substantial
- Change the strategy - switch to rural development
- Redeployment DA
- Heg DA (Gates)
- Drug Use K (not written yet, maybe 3rd wave)

South Korea and Japan Prostitutes

- Util
- Advantage CP - gender sensitivity training
- Redeployment DA
- Okinawa K?


- T - PMC not military presence
- T - future reductions (or potentially T substantial)
- Keep 50K troops in (NB = heg DA or Iraq politics)
- Kirkuk PIC (leave troops there)
- Case turns - pullout = collapse
- Iraqi Politics

Iraq Colonialism (RT, MO, HO)

- Japan Counterplan
-Conditions CP
- Iraqi Politics DA
- Iraq PMC DA
- Fem IR K
- Soft Power DA

Iraq - Courts

- T Reduce
- Withdrawal Spec
-Congress CP
- Court Stripping DA (with SOP good impacts)
- Fem IR K

Turkey - TNW

-T presence- presence isn't a weapons system
- Security K
-Heg DA
- Turkey Politics DA


-Logistics DA
-End Iraq War CP